Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm not a rapper, I got a job.

(bring in a beat/ turns around abruptly) ***Paula Abdul Jabbar! Makes me wanna go out , and purchase a new car! Someone always wishin on a star. I get in my car, and start drivin away (beat drops) / ***I got people wanna sign my chest! I once met a girl with a bulletproof breast. Breakfast on the table at 8 a.m. boyee, and if you aint up, she'll come and kick you in your sugarpatch! / ***If you aint down for eggs. I can't think straight when I look at her legs! (rubs legs) Yo! My food tastes great! on every plate!! And if you don't like it you can kiss myee ayeez... (bold pose) music fades/ lights dim/ fried chicken wings drop from the ceiling/ moist towelettes/ people start eating/ people leave/ people start talking... "Hey, did you hear about that show where the fried chicken wings fell out of the sky?" other person "Yeah man, I was there! It was amazing!" I'm not a rapper. I gotta job.

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